Thursday, June 16, 2016

Here Today, Mostly

I've been keeping my eye on the nest in the rafters of the back porch. Today there was enough light to get a shot of the babies filling it, and I discovered there were five of them! It looked like a tight squeeze. Later in the day, I noticed that the nest was empty. Wondering if the birds might still be close by, I carefully opened the sliding glass door—and quickly closed the screen when I saw the mama bird swooping into the porch and heading straight for me! She held up about four feet away from me, but fluttered and flapped and looked generally unhappy. Then, two of the babies started flying around the porch from wherever they had been perched. It was a mêlée for a while. It struck me as rather amusing and I likely overstayed my welcome. I'm glad I did, though, because by early evening, none of the birds were to be found. Oh, and that little guy peeking out on the right reminds me of Gollum in the animated version of The Hobbit.

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