Thursday, April 28, 2011


Stella, Luke and I climbed into the Venture and headed up to the high school so Luke could get on the bus for his game in Belfast. It took Stella less than the seven-minute ride there to fall asleep.

Photo taken 4/28/11

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Interestingly, the theme for this week in my photo challenge is Growth. In keeping with that, I'm posting a photo of the black mold growth behind the uninsulated tank of the downstairs toilet. I was able to get a lovely shot of it during this week's demolition, which I've documented here:

Photo taken 4/16/11

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Stella and I had fun out front this evening. It was "cold," so I had to find her a "at," and happened to pick one that's "ed." It sort of clashed with her "mink" jacket and her "mink" pants, but you can't tell, because these shots are in "back" and "mite." She decided to run "up" the hill and "down" the hill, and spent a little time on the "ide." Stella enjoyed it when I ran across the yard, and she had plenty of encouragement for me: "Mon." "Mon." "Mon." When the light faded too much and I was feeling the chill, I had to cajole her into coming in the house. "No, no, no, noooo...," she protested. Once she saw her big sister inside, though, everything was good. "Gidgy!"

Translation from Stellaspeak: at = hat; ed = red; mink = pink; back = black; mite = white; ide = slide; mon = come on; Gidgy = Bridget.

Photos taken 4/14/11

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It was a shocking morning for Stella. The red couch in my studio is great for building up static electricity. The kids rub their heads against the back of the couch, then shock each other, or me, or themselves (usually their tongues on the refrigerator). This morning, Luke decided to introduce Stella to the fun. She didn't seem to mind.

Photos taken 4/7/11

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


That's this week's theme for the photo challenge. At first, my mind jumped to thoughts of kids jumping up and down; images of Luke, happy to learn that he made varsity on the local high school's baseball team (one of only two freshman); even soda, busting out of its bottle confines in a geyser-like rush. When I downloaded the photos I took in the past few days, though, I started thinking along the edge of box (as Seth Godin would say). These macros (all SOOC) of my Christmas cactus (blooming now, when nothing outside is) have me excited.

Photos taken 4/3/11

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jedi Training

Master Henry was out training his Padawans today. Padawan Stella still needs to work on holding her light sabre by its handle and thinks she can already just throw the Force around from her hand à la Darth Vader. Padawan Jack knows he needs work on sabre-to-sabre combat and is ready to put in the hours.

Photos taken 4/2/11