Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Game to Watch

I recently dug out old journals and letters and have been reading through them. What a riot! One of the most recent was a journal I had to keep for English class my junior year. It's not terribly exciting, just "I did this, went there, so-and-so came over, we watched ..., I went to bed at ... ." I have to say that I am amazed by my social life. I don't remember it being that active, and I can't believe how many people were at our house: friends, relatives, neighbors. Nearly every Sunday and every weeknight, someone was there: often after a high school football game and then a dance. I almost never went to bed before 1 am on a Friday or Saturday. Weeknight bedtimes weren't all that much earlier. No wonder so many of the entries included sentences that began, "I was so tired ..."

This particular entry caught my attention (and I loved sharing it with Luke). I wasn't a huge football fan, although I went to every high school home game (and some of the away games). I was dating one of the team captains, and we won the championship that year (I was there in Brewer and wrote about it). Anyhow, I had no plans for the day after Thanksgiving and decided to watch the Orange Bowl. It was most definitely a game worth watching and writing about. See the ending for yourself.

Photos taken 3/3/13


Dennis said...

I was on the couch in Amherst NH, watching the whole game. I wasn't much of a college football fan, but for some reason I knew there was a lot of buzz about this game.

Flutie was a miracle worker, and Kosar was the golden child. The game went back and forth a number of times.

I wonder how many other NFL brand-name players were in that game?

altered byamber said...

I love reading through my old journals too! But I must say I know that football was never included:)

Alan Pennington said...

Was that the year of Close-Up? I'm sure that warranted a few entries!