Wednesday, March 6, 2013


One day back in January, Dennis came home from church with an enormous (and gorgeous) poinsettia plant. He said that Father Ralph had asked parishioners to take them home. I was pretty happy with the acquisition. I still have four small poinsettia plants I bought two years ago. Even though the bracts seldom turn red, the plants are lovely. This new plant, though, was so big and so pretty and so red, I just had to take it out during one of our snowstorms and get pictures of it (quite likely for next year's Christmas card). Of course, the plant was not at all happy about such harsh treatment, but I wasn't worried. I cut off the drooping, depressing flowers and have been watering, watching and waiting. So far, it's been worth the effort.

Photos taken 3/6/13


altered byamber said...

I love even the title of your post. I can't wait to see more photos as it rebounds!

Cheryl Ruffing said...

Amber, are you back among the living?