Monday, March 4, 2013


Stella loves playing with clay, so I bought her some pink Model Magic yesterday. She's been busy with it since. Today, she ran up to me — arms open wide, hugged my legs, and exclaimed, "Thank you for buying clay for me! It's the best gift you could have given me!" I hugged her back, and enthusiastically said, "You're welcome!"

Oh, wait! This just in: as I sit here typing, Stella stands next to me, adding pegs to Jack's Lite-Brite, talking all the while. She says, "This needs more abitive, so I'm making it more abitive."

So I ask, "What does abitive mean?"

Stella explains, "Abitive means selfish or peanut butter, like when you're putting peanut butter on your toast, or when you're bragging or something."

Photos taken 3/4/13

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altered byamber said...

I love Stella's imagination and creativity! She is taking after her mother & older sister, she will be the next blogger in your family:)