Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Focus on Guitars

Dennis's latest musical acquisition arrived today: an Epiphone Les Paul. He bought it from a guy on a guitar forum. It needed a little attention (which Dennis knew going in), so he got to work as soon as he was able to get away from his computer. On Saturday, he decided that it was time to finally tackle (again) the veneering on the guitar he and Henry are making. And Henry drew a guitar. I'm feeling like I need to get in on the six-string action. Maybe I should attempt another Hamer. I could use acrylics or colored pencils this time. Of course, I'd have to pick a different model. Dennis sold Sally long ago.

Photos taken 2/26/13

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altered byamber said...

I love the macro shots of the guitar, those are great!! I can't comment on the guitar because I'm pretty clueless about that subject:)