Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back to Being a Barista

Luke and Bridget convinced me to dig out my espresso maker, clean it and fire it up. Luke made caramel and had a caramel latte, Bridget had a chai tea latte, Henry, Sam, Jack and Stella had vanilla toasties: steamed, frothed milk with vanilla and sugar. Stella loves the machine because of it's color and just told me, "You should get me one for my pink kitchen."

Photos taken 2/12/13


altered byamber said...

Oh my goodness, I am in love with your pink espresso machine!!! Where did you find that? I also am a HUGE fan of chai tea lattes. I have an obsession with Starbucks & anything caffeine-related. Can you tell that I was completely inspired by your post?:) I love this one!!

Cheryl Ruffing said...

Dennis bought me the Francis! Francis! years ago, in an effort to keep me from spending even more on daily Caramel Macchiatoes. It worked. My pink machine got used everyday for years, but I gave up the latt├ęs after Stella was born. Maybe I'll reinstate them for Lent. ; )

Maybe tomorrow I'll post some of my scrapbook pages over at Ruff Edge Design http://www.ruffedgedesign.com/ And I'll be sure to include the page I did years ago in tribute to my espresso maker.

I love finding someone who shares my enthusiasm!

Jessica said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous retro looking machine! We call vanilla toastie,s vanilla tea.

altered byamber said...

Thanks Cheryl, I would love to see the scrapbook page! I was in love immediately and was even telling people about it today. A pink espresso machine is WONDERFUL! I'm going to keep my eye open for one now:)

GraceGal said...

Haha. I knew Amber would be in love with this post! Great :)