Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Worth the Effort

This evening, Jack was the last one out the door, and I was afraid that his brothers would end their sledding/snowboarding runs before Jack got a chance to join the fun. It was bitterly cold today (and is supposed to be colder tomorrow), but the boys spent nearly an hour out in the dark. All the work of bundling up was worth it for Jack. He had a great time. By the by, my sister wore that hat each winter for years when we were growing up. Mine was green.

Photos taken 1/22/13


amber said...

I am so impressed your children braved the cold today, it was freezing here!! That blue hat really brings out his blue eyes. I love that you & your sister passed down your winter hats. What a great idea!

Cheryl Ruffing said...

The kids went outside today, too. I even braved the cold to get some shots. I made lots of hot chocolate afterward. As to the hats: I wish I still had mine, but the green one went missing somewhere along the way.