Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today, Stella decided she needed to wear a red outfit, so she put on her Hello Kitty bathing suit, which is — by the way — what started it all between her and Hello Kitty.

Since getting her pink kitchen for Christmas, Stella has done a fair amount of "baking." A little while ago, Stella held up one of her plastic cupcakes and said, "Mom, look at the one beautiful cake." (I presume that's like the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.)

I looked and said, "That's one beautiful cake. What's it made out of? Love?"

Stella replied, "No, cocoa powder."

Photos taken 1/10/13


amber said...

My daughter has the same kitchen, but in blue. I have never seen the pink one, I love it!! Thanks for visiting my blog again:)

Cheryl Ruffing said...

Thanks for stopping by here, Amber. I'll keep visiting over at your place. You may prefer my Ruff Edge Design site:
That's where I tend to give my creative side free rein.