Friday, August 31, 2012

The People You Meet on the Course

One of the great things about Luke heading over to Natanis nearly every day for golf is that he meets some really nice people. Today, he played a round with Ashley, who fills in the number one slot on her high school golf team.

Oh, and Luke made the paper again. The story's not in the online version of The Kennebec Journal, but here are a few excerpts from today's printed copy: 

"Luke Ruffing remembers the day vividly. Last October, the Maranacook Community High School junior [but he doesn't actually go to the school: just plays for it] was battling Malcolm Oliver of Lincoln for the Class B state championship ... Oliver won the round, and the title, by one stroke ... . That day, 10 months ago, still fuels Ruffing ... . [He] won the Men's Club Championship at Natanis ... beating Hamel with a chip-in on the fourth hole in the playoff round. 'It was just insane,' Ruffing said. 'Rain was beginning to come down sideways. It was a good competition for me.' But beyond physical practice, Ruffing knew he had to work on his mental game, specifically, his emotions. ... 'I've really learned to control myself out there, and it's helped my game a lot,' Ruffing said. 'I contribute that mostly to (Torrington) [Luke's golf instructor]  and my dad a lot.' Not that Ruffing needed much improvement — he averaged 39.4 strokes per nine holes during the regular season — but as Maranacook head coach Ryan Meserve put it, Ruffing has matured beyond his years. ..."

Photo taken 8/31/12

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