Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leave My Tomatoes Alone

When we got home from church, Henry and I gave the tomato plants the once-over, and found another hornworm. I asked Henry to retrieve my hornworm remover (old kitchen tongs — more like claws, really — thanks, Mom). I then noticed that some of the plums were looking less than wholesome, so I started searching. Guess what I found. Ugh — a huge, honkin' hornworm. I drowned the two green things (but later exhumed them from the water-filled pot and made up a little story about a caterpillar hunter). I was actually a little bummed about the big ugly guy: it would have metamorphosed into a hummingbird moth, and they are cool.

Photos taken 8/19/12

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Jessica said...

! They are cool- I had never seen one until we moved to VA. The first time I saw one I was totally freaked out by it. I couldn't tell if it was a bird, a bug or a butterfly!

Love the Lego guy...