Thursday, July 26, 2012


It was a busy day for Stella. First, in her role as doctor, she had to examine a number of patients, including a doll, a teacup, a wagon and me. She also posed with the first tomato from our "garden," watered the driveway, instructed me to pick a rose so she could give it to me, and performed a song-and-dance routine on the bottom step: her stage.

Oh, you didn't know she was a doctor? Neither did I, but she received some training somewhere. Here are the lines she learned: "I checked her earrings." "There. She's all repaired." "Mom, you're going to get a checkout." "I'm Dr. Stell-A!" "Now I have to look in your leg. Hmmmm..... Yep. Looks fine."

Photos taken 7/26/12

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