Friday, April 13, 2012

All Over Town

Today was a busy one. Stella and I brought Luke to the golf course, came home for lunch, chatted with my friend when she arrived for Henry and Sam (who would be spending the afternoon with her son), then got into the minivan with Bridget and Jack. We headed to Bridget's friend Tally's house, where Jack got to pet her horse and talked Tally's mom into giving him the newly dug parsnip she had just received from her father-in-law. (Jack's never tasted one, and he was very excited by his acquisition. I should have taken a picture; I'll have to do so before we cook up the parsnip tomorrow.) After spending time chatting there, Stella, Jack and I headed back across town to the golf course. While waiting for Luke to finish, we contented ourselves with some refreshments and enjoyed the gorgeous sunny afternoon.

Photos taken 4/13/12

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