Sunday, October 4, 2009


Stella Maria got washed clean of Original Sin when she was baptized by Father Bill Modlin after Mass at St. Francis Xavier. She was happy throughout the ceremony and even had a few smiles for Father Modlin.

Photos taken by Luke 10/4/09


Michael and Michelle said...

So...who were the lucky Godparents???

Cheryl Doyle-Ruffing said...

Officially, my brother Tom and his wife, Kristal. My sister was the unofficial Godmother. She needed to have a ten-week retreat under her belt to get certified by her parish, and learned of this about two weeks before the baptism. Luke and Bridget were in the running, until we learned that Godparents need to be 16. Dennis's folks stood in for Tom and Kristal. They were the only invitees. I knew that the house wouldn't be up to snuff for a party. It turned out that we all had colds, so I'm very glad we didn't plan a big to-do.